Man jailed for assault charge




Jose Luna, 37, of Columbia, Ky., was charged with assault related to an incident Sunday and was lodged in the Logan County Jail.

Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded about 8 p.m. to A&E Campground, 3299 State Route 540, Bellefontaine, to speak with a man who said he was allegedly dragged by a vehicle.

The victim, Mark Johns, 50, of 695 N. Troy Road, Bellefontaine, told deputies that he completed vehicle repairs for Jose’s brother, Jon E. Luna, and that Jose had stopped by Johns’ residence that day to pick up the vehicle.

However, Johns said when he walked outside, Jose was already in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. As Johns approached the vehicle, he said Jose put the vehicle in reverse and attempted to drive away.

Johns said he banged on the vehicle windows and told the driver to stop, but the defendant allegedly accelerated the vehicle and spun the tires in the gravel driveway. Johns said he let go of the vehicle before it entered the roadway.

Johns reported he sustained injury to his leg and ankle from being dragged, but refused medical attention.

The suspect vehicle was located at the campground, where deputies spoke with the defendant. He told deputies that he thought his brother had paid the repair bill. He said he drove the car from the Johns residence, but would not admit to dragging Johns.

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