Parker remembered for work as victim advocate

LIz Parker, 53, an employee of the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office collapsed at work Tuesday and later was pronounced dead, Prosecutor Eric Stewart reports.

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First responders with the Bellefontaine Police and Fire and EMS departments along with a Robinaugh squad responded to the county's Colonialon east Columbus Avenue at about noon.

Stewart released a statement Tuesday afternoon, saying, "It is with the deepest sorrow we announce the passing of Liz Parker, a victim advocate at the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office.

"Liz was dedicated to helping others, especially those suffering from domestic violence.

"Liz would respond to calls for help in the middle of the night to provide assistance to those in need. She tirelessly helped victims and witnesses through the court process. 

"She will be sorely missed by us and our hearts go out to her family and loved ones."



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