OVI arrest logged in Lakeview


LoCoSheriffStar Dodds

Natalie L. Breeding, 50, of 405 Union St., Lakeview, was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and was cited for no headlights related to a traffic stop in the village about 8:10 p.m. Thursday.

Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office on patrol in the area of Harrison Street and south Main Street observed her driving without her headlights on and initiated the stop.

Deputies said the driver displayed signs of intoxication. She was asked to step out of her vehicle, and deputies noted that she only had one sock on.

She told them she had just run out to go to the drive thru, and changed her story several times about how many beers she had consumed that evening.

The driver submitted to field sobriety tests, and at the Logan County Jail, she submitted to a breath test and tested 0.138.

Driver cited in S.R. 235 non-injury crash


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