Police look for teen

BellefontainePolice Patch

Officers are trying to locate Rayvin P. Houchin, 16, of 433 N. Detroit St., who was reported missing Wednesday night.

Her father, Jeremy Houchin, said she had not returned from school.

She is five feet, one inch tall; weighs around 110 pounds with brown eyes and hair.

Student faces expulsion

Kody M. Pickering, 17, of 128 Blair Ave., was charged Tuesday with delinquency illegal conveyance of gun onto school grounds.

Canine units from the Bellefontaine Police Department and Marysville Police Department were at Bellefontaine High School, 555 E. Lake Ave., conducting vehicle and locker searches for illegal contraband. The dogs hit on two vehicles, one of which was parked by Kody.

He was taken to the lot and instructed to open the sport utility vehicle. Inside were a .22-caliber rifle and a .177-caliber pellet gun. No illegal drugs were found in the SUV.

School officials and the school resource officer talked with Kody and determined he did not have ill intentions as he is a known hunter.

Under the school’s zero tolerance policies, Kody faces expulsion from school.

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