Green Hills ready to use telehealth clinic

People who will benefit from a telehealth clinic at Green Hills Community’s skilled nursing section might never have imagined such technology growing up.

It would’ve been the stuff of science fiction for them.

Green Hills

Stephanie DeWees, vice president/administrator of Green Hills Community, left, and Linda Mauger, community health and aging executive with Optimized Care Network, converse with Michalene Ganpf-Oates, certified nurse practicioner for OCN, who is on the screen. (PHOTO | GREEN HILLS)

Now they will be part of a two-year pilot program that could set the standard for nursing home care.

Green Hills is one of two facilities in Ohio to receive grants but it is the only one with a full spectrum of services.

The grants are awarded to facilities which exceed federal regulatory expectations. Known as CareSpace, the state-of-the-art healthcare clinic uses a 55-inch 3-D monitor to allow the doctor to see, diagnose, treat, and interact with patients.

It will give Dr. Charles Kratz, Green Hills medical director, the ability to communicate with the patients day or night when needed.

Eventually, residents will have the option to connect to other doctors and specialists across the state or country for care.

Doctors will be able to receive live readings on the patient’s vitals and listen via a stethoscope link to a patient’s heart beat and breathing. Nurse staff will be in the room during the video examinations.

Vice President and Administrator Stephanie DeWees said the clinic will reduce the need to transport patients to a doctor’s office or hospital.

It also will allow relatives, especially those out of town, to have a secure, federally compliant link to observe the online examination and participate in the consultation.

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