If he gets out of jail free, you do not collect $100,000

Escape artist brings act, challenge to History Center’s Halloween Kidfest

Michael Griffin Escape Artist

Michael Griffin, a Columbusbased escape artist who has performed on America’s Got Talent and other television programs, will perform at the Logan County History Center’s Halloween Kidfest this Saturday.

Michael Griffin claims there is no contraption built that can contain him long and is willing to put $100,000 on the line for anyone who thinks they can prove otherwise.

Logan County residents will get a chance to take the Columbus-based escape artist up on that bet when he comes to town this Saturday.

“The show has a few set things, but 95 percent or better is crowd interaction,” Griffin, who was a contestant on America’s Got Talent and has been featured on other national television programs, said of the performance he will give at 3 p.m. during the Logan County History Center’s annual Halloween Kidfest event.

“One of the things I like to do is the East Indian Needle Mystery,” he said describing a trick in which he swallows 40, two-inch needles and about eight feet of thread before regurgitating the items in a threaded strand. But he also said he is willing to let audience members decide how the show will go.

“There’s also the $100,000 worldwide challenge. If someone can build something that can contain me, I’ll give them $100,000. The only rule is it has to be rational and have at least some entertainment value.”

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