Members: Is $30,000 enough for the Holland?

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Two Bellefontaine City Council members questioned Tuesday if the city was giving enough money to the Holland Theatre’s fundraising campaign.

Councilman Allan Hadley noted shows at the historic theater bring people to the downtown, filling the restaurants.

“It brings a lot of people into town,” he said. “I just wanted to make sure we didn’t short ourselves.

“Why can’t we come up with more money than the county?”

Councilwoman Diane Hager appeared to agree, noting the city had unanticipated sales of land this year that could’ve help pay for the campaign’s $50,000 request.

Even so, both voted “yes” on the first reading of an ordinance that will give $30,000 to the theater’s goal of $860,000.

Reaching the goal by June 30, 2019, will enable the theater to receive a $430,000 grant from the Jeffris Family Foundation.

The money will be used to extensively modernize and restore the Holland’s interior and repair the lobby roof, exterior doors and west stairway window.

Both Finance Committee Chairwoman Deb Baker and Mayor Ben Stahler said the $30,000 gift makes financial sense for Bellefontaine.

While the Logan County Commissioners have committed to giving $45,000, Baker’s committee felt $30,000 was a sensible gift. 

“One of the reasons we’re not financially strapped right now as city,” she said, “is we don’t give money to everyone who asks.”

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