Postal worker fired after not lowering flag

The Lakeview postal clerk who refused an order to lower the American flag to half staff on Tuesday was fired Thursday after his story appeared in the Bellefontaine Examiner.

Kip Powell reported he was terminated near the end of the work day Thursday.

He said he didn’t intend for his refusal to lower the flag to be disrespectful to victims of Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, but wanted to stand by his own convictions about when it is appropriate to fly the flag at half staff.

“I don’t feel that I got my point across that the victims deserve more and deserve better, that my stance is pro-victim and pro-flag, that lowering the flag does too little, too late for victims and requires too much of the flag,” Powell wrote.

But he said he wouldn’t change his actions, either.

“I can’t imagine doing it much differently. I’m not rash. I know what I believe. I’m frustrated that people, not only don’t understand, they won’t try to understand. My friends today were wide-eyed, but I could tell they trust me enough to believe me because they know my heart. Had I been offered an opportunity to discuss with management my feelings about it and not forced to make the decision, then possibly I would have complied and then filed a grievance later, but I can’t look back that way now.

“I would be at peace if it did really open up a conversation and effect change,” he concluded.



Lakeview postal worker refuses to lower flag over convictions

flag lowering

Kip Powell, a postal support employee at the Lakeview Post Office, refused to lower the flag to half staff earlier this week because he says the repetitive raising and lowering of the flag trivializes the memorial salute. The flag in front of the village post office was lowered by another employee. (EXAMINER PHOTO | REUBEN MEES)