Report cards, auditorium project, transportation concerns discussed

The Benjamin Logan Board  of Education got a recap of the district’s state report card performance Monday evening, during a meeting than also included approval of a $140,000 lighting and sound improvement at the high school auditorium and discussion of transportation issues.

Ben Logan report card

While Ben Logan’s report card looked much like other local districts and other similar-sized districts around the state — some Ds and Fs mixed in with As, Bs and Cs — Superintendent Dave Harmon said there are some bright spots available in the picture painted by the data.

For Ben Logan, that came on the district’s Progress score, Harmon said. The district scored well above the minimum for an A in the gifted, lowest 20 percent and overall categories while earning a C for students with disabilities.

“The Progress component looks closely at the growth that all students are making based on their past performances,” according to the report card itself.

“We talk a lot about growth and taking kids from wherever they are and working with them,” the superintendent said, noting that the district’s score for all students in all grades on all tests was 11.5 while only a 2.0 is sufficient for an A grade.

“I’m pretty darn proud of what we’re doing to grow kids. If we continue focusing on growing kids we will hit some home runs and achievement will happen.”

The low point was in achievement, which is reflected on scores around the state and is driven largely by a change that requires districts to pass 80 percent of students on each test to meet indicators.

“Achievement around the state is atrocious,” Harmon said. “If you simply take the letter grade that is a very small part of the story.”

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