ILMS raising funds for Houston area school

Indian Lake Middle School fifth-grader Victoria Shahan is hoping donations from Indian Lake Middle School will help Houston area students who are victims of Hurricane Harvey.

ILMS Penny Drive

Indian Lake Middle School fifth-grader Victoria Shahan adds coins to the collection container manned by Cameron Freyhof and Daniel Wahl to benefit Harmony Public Schools. (PHOTO | INDIAN LAKE SCHOOLS)

After watching the evening news with her family, Victoria wrote a letter to ILMS Co-Principal Don Bauer asking to conduct a penny drive to help those in need.

The student wrote, “I know that I am just one student here at ILMS, but if all the students would help, we can all make difference.”

Bauer gave the letter to ILMS Student Council adviser Katy Taylor, who connected with the Adopt-A-Classroom Hurricane Relief program.

As a result of Victoria’s letter, ILMS Student Council is currently conducting a penny drive, with proceeds to benefit an eighth-grade classroom at Harmony Public Schools in Houston, Texas.

“I know the schools were hard hit and this school lost everything. It’s great to know we are able to help other kids in school,” the student council adviser said.

Harvey 1

Flood waters from Hurricane Harvey damaged Harmony Public School in Houston, Texas, and ILMS students are helping the school with a penny drive. (PHOTO | HARMONY PUBLIC SCHOOLS)

Tuesday evening, Taylor received an e-mail from Harmony teacher Ladonna Bivens stating, “We are back in our building, but not back in routine. Many of our students also suffered losses to their homes.

“Needless to say we are trying to put it all back together, so whatever you have we will be grateful.”

She sent some pictures of the devastation at the school to share with ILMS students.

Collection containers to help Biven’s classroom are set up in the ILMS cafeteria. Students may donate pennies, any coins or even bills. The grade level with the most donations will earn an ice cream treat.

Victoria’s fellow fifth-graders are donating daily and are in the lead. 

“It’s going really well; I’m really proud of the fifth-grade for caring so much,” she said.