Indian Lake superintendent discusses state report card

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Despite positive progress in the past year, Indian Lake School District, along with other local school districts got a disheartening score on a key measure on this year’s state report card, interim Superintendent Rob Underwood told the board of education Monday.

“It’s frustrating that we felt like we made improvement but yet our scores dropped,” he said. “But we realize our district is more than just a report card grade.”

He said the district struggled getting enough students to pass the standardized tests and lagged in reaching students with disabilities while showing positive progress in efforts to create a level playing field for all students.

“Overall in terms of achievement, we were up 3 percent but we still went from a D to an F on our indicators score,” the superintendent said, noting that this year’s benchmark to meet the individual indicators increased to 80 percent of all students passing each test.

The elementary school grades did well on the standardized tests, meeting the indicators in four of the eight categories, but at the middle school level, the only test on which 80 percent of the students passed was the science test. At the high school level, none of the indicators was met.

“We also continue to struggle with students with disabilities,” Underwood said. The district received a failing grade in that sub-category of the Progress score while earning A grades in the overall, gifted and low performing categories for a B score in Progress.

The district did, however, nearly double its score on the Gap Closing measure from 33 percent to 60 percent, although it only increased the letter grade from an F to a D.

“That’s a great sign of progress although it still looks like a D,” he said. 

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