Honda begins mass production of new Accord

Producing Honda’s all-new Accord required local associates to learn and implement more technology changes than any time before when changing from one generation to the next of the popular sedan.

accord 1


Associates pose with the all-new 2018 Honda Accord after ceremonies Monday marking the start of mass production. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST)




But those changes should help the 2018 Accord maintain its standing as a top seller, said Ray Mikiciuk with American Honda Motor Co. Inc., the automaker’s sales division.

“The Accord has been a best seller in its class for years,” he said during activities Monday to mark mass production of the Accord. “This is a monumental change to the car.

“I think it is similar to what we did with the Civic. Many thought we couldn’t do anything more to the car to improve sales, but we did.

“This 2018 Accord should do the same thing in the midsize market.”

To bring the Accord to market, Honda of America Manufacturing Inc. invested $220 million in the Marysville Auto Plant and $47 million at the Anna Engine Plant.

Around 200 jobs will be added to Marysville’s 4,000-some workforce, while a 100 will be added at Anna, the company reports.


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