The Quest goes on


West Liberty church opens doors on new addition

Church building projects can be exciting times. 

But it can also cause a congregation to turn inward and miss out on outreach opportunities.

Quest aerial

Final preparations were under way Friday for Quest Community Church’s first service today in its new 299-capacity sanctuary. The church will host a community open house from 2-4 p.m. Sunday.

Quest Community Church’s Lead Pastor Bill Walker said his 365-member strong congregation did not jump into its recently completed expansion at 110 South St. in West Liberty.

Rather, they took a slower approach of adding service times and seeking out God’s discernment and council from the Nazarene conference.

“We didn’t want to build,” he said. “We tried to use every resource and do everything we could not to build, but we really had no choice if we wanted to reach more people for Christ.

“There is nothing wrong with building projects, but we wanted to make sure it was the right direction for us.”

Today the church will have it first services in its 299-capacity auditorium. The congregation will enter the doors knowing that Quest can still utilize three services weekly and its strong financial position to pay off the $1.1 million project while addressing needs outside its doors.

“We were able to get commitments of two times more than our annual operating budget,” Pastor Walker said. “The church board was elated with the giving.”

Quest was started in 2006 as a group of 20 gathering at the Friendly Senior Center in Bellefontaine.

“The name Quest Community Church sprang from these founding members,” Pastor Walker said. “The word ‘quest’ reminds us that we are all on a spiritual journey together as we grow closer to God and we are a community of people who choose to live a common life together and build each other up in Christ. Our mission is to meet people where they are and travel with them to where God is leading.”


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