Lifting the bar

New contest draws heavy competition

Area powerlifters benched more than 700 pounds in a new competition that drew competitors from Kenton, Findlay and Columbus as well as some local lifters.

powerlifting 2

Nathan Robinson of Quincy bench presses 365 pounds during a new powerlifting contest that took place at the Logan County Fair on Saturday afternoon. (EXAMINER PHOTO | REUBEN MEES)

“This is a good meet,” Jay Marzano of Worthington after successfully benching 685 pounds and preparing for 715 pounds. “The people at the fair have treated us really well. The best part though, is after we’re through we get to go out and enjoy the fair food.”

For others, like 31-year-old Nathan Robinson of Quincy, who hoisted a modest 365 pounds, the local contest was a way to get back into a sport he enjoyed in high school.

“I first got into powerlifting back in high school because I wanted to put on size and strength,” Robinson said, noting that he joined a fledgling program at Riverside High School in 2003.

“I’ve kept working out with Scott (Stewart) but this is the first time I’ve competed in years.”

Stewart, who was the Riverside coach and now spends his spare time organizing the local Vets to D.C. effort, organized the event as both a fundraiser for his charity and a way to draw some new interest in the Logan County Fair. 

“We’ve got about 20 people here today, which is good for a first-year event,” Stewart said. “I’m hoping next year or by the third year we could have as many as 70 or 80 people competing.

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