Student internships, recycling rebates discussed by Ohio Hi-Point board

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The Ohio Hi-Point Career Center Board of Education received recycling fees and heard from students who participated in internships throughout the year at Wednesda nights regular meeting of the board.

Angel Payne of the Logan County Solid Waste District presented a recycling rebate in the amount of $1,500 for its active participation in the Campbell Hill Recycling Center, located along Sloan Boulevard across from the campus. The recycling center processed 168 tons of recyclables this year and donated 7.5 percent per ton to the school district, totaling approximately $1,500. The board authorized the rebate from Campbell Hill recycling to be deposited in the Warren Stevens Scholarship fund that will be awarded to a student next year. 

Tara O’Conner, a cosmetology student from Marysville High School, discussed her internship experience at Kenneth’s Hair Salon and Day Spa in Dublin, which led to a job. “The experience I got at the salon was amazing and there was always something new and interesting happening,” said O’Conner. “It was an unpaid internship that I was able to get 165 total hours which eventually led to a job opportunity with the same company.” 

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