Squirrel shooter faces charge

BellefontainePolice Patch

William C. Rose, 20, of 3592 S. County Road 5, was charged Saturday with prohibited hunting. He was at 205 Greenridge St. around 3 p.m. helping Bruno Pattison sight in a new hunting bow. 

He admitted shooting at and killing a squirrel.

Both were advised of the prohibitions regarding hunting in the city limits.

Drug warrants served

Dwight Howard, 58, of 230 W. Brown Ave., was arrested Friday on warrants for trafficking in crack cocaine, complicity to trafficking in crack cocaine and two counts of possession of crack cocaine. 

The indictments were part of investigation conducted by the Logan County Joint Drug Task Force.

He was observed around 3 p.m. walking in the 200 block of west Brown Avenue. During the arrest, an officer of the Bellefontaine Police Department found a clear plastic bag with crack cocaine.

He was lodged in the Logan County Jail on the warrants plus another charge of possession of crack cocaine.

• Lewis D. Watkins, 22, of 802 W. Auburn Ave., was picked up Monday on a warrant for possession of marijuana.

Unwanted guests arrested

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