Thefts from vehicles on the rise

BellefontainePolice Patch

Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department have seen an increase of reports of thefts from vehicles. In most cases, the vehicles are left unlocked, but there have been incidents of forced entry.

Lt. Rick Herring said residents can help reduce the crimes of opportunity by simply removing valuables from vehicles and locking the doors.

Recent victims include:

• Adrian C. Huffman, 412 Kelly Way;

• Meghan L. Deckling of East Liberty, while parked at 404 Kelly Way;

• Eric E. Pooler, 116 1/2 N. Main St., broken side window on pickup truck;

• Shirley I. Franks, 556 E. High Ave., Apt. 3, one of three vehicles entered while parked at the same apartment complex;

• Amber Morales, 1309 Milligan Road; and

• Jessica Swearengin, 1317 Turner Road.

Thieves tend to take cash and loose change and items that can be easily concealed and pawned for money such as personal electronics, cameras, jewelry and sunglasses.

Suspect attacks girlfriend, charges neighbor



Michael W. Cole, 43, of 409 Clark Ave., was charged Wednesday with menacing and domestic violence.

Around 7:30 p.m., he became upset and began arguing with his girlfriend, Kerri Emrick. He was so distraught, Ms. Emrick took his van keys and left the residence to give the keys to her neighbor, Ashley Reed.

The suspect followed and grabbed the victim by the hair to pull her from the neighboring property. Ms. Emrick threw the keys toward Ms. Reed, but the keys landed in the grass.

Ms. Reed tried to retrieve the keys but the suspect charged at her.

Once he had the keys, he got into his van and drove off.

At 9 p.m., he returned to his home. He was arrested and was lodged in the Logan County Jail.

Woman lodged on probation violation

Randie Lou Payne, 47, of 116 Spruce Ave., was arrested Wednesday on a probation violation.

Dog defensively bites intoxicated man

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