Lawyer to landowner: ‘You have our attention’

Zanesfield leaders want derby cars off village lawn


ABOVE: Matt Straker, front, owner of a Sandusky Street property in the center of Zanesfield where two demolition cars were placed on the lawn and attorney Matt Chamberlain walk around the side of the property Monday afternoon. HOME PAGE SLIDE SHOW PHOTO: Two demolition cars in front of a Sandusky Street property in the center of Zanesfield were among issues discussed Monday afternoon. (EXAMINER PHOTO | REUBEN MEES)

Zanesfield Solicitor Matt Chamberlain made it clear the village would like a property owner to remove two demolition derby cars he placed on the front lawn of a centrally-located property.

Landowner Matt Straker was less clear about what he expects in return for removing the two junk vehicles he refers to as an “art exhibit.”

The lawyer arranged a meeting with the landowner Monday afternoon and asked Logan County Engineer Scott Coleman to attend to discuss a drainage project in the village, but the elephant in the room was clearly the display. Mr. Straker invited members of the Zanesfield Chamber of Commerce and a reporter from the Examiner

Mr. Straker, owner of the Sandusky Street property between Firehouse Pizza and the Sloan Library, placed two demolition derby cars on the fenced front lawn after a dispute with the village council over drainage issues that escalated during a September council meeting. He has maintained since placing them there that they are an artistic display and not junk vehicles or a jab at council.

“They are there because I like art and not to hold the village hostage,” Mr. Straker said after the meeting. 

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