‘Cranking out’ some history

Arts workshop highlights theater’s story

Cranky 2

Artist in residency Sam Bartlett of Indiana displays a roll of paper, with images like the historic automobile below, and cranky story board box that will be utilized in LoCo Arts’ Cranky Storytelling workshop this weekend and performance at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Holland Theatre. HOME PAGE SLIDE SHOW PHOTO: Youths, from right, Illa Kerns, Jaeden Rollins and Mia Hammond paint the silhouette designs Friday. (EXAMINER PHOTOS | MANDY LOEHR)

Local youths are trying their hand this weekend at a unique kind of art, while also learning about a historic landmark in their town — the Holland Theatre — during a free “Cranky Storytelling” workshop offered by LoCo Art. 

Friday afternoon, the elementary and middle school students were busy painting silhouettes onto a 100-foot roll of paper with a material called ink stone. Once finished, the painted silhouettes will tell the story of the founding of the Dutch-style atmospheric theater, from its 1931 inception in the creative mind of architect Peter Hulsken to the recent restoration efforts spurred by a group of middle school students. 

The roll of paper will be transformed into a moving picture show that the students will present during a public sharing at 3 p.m. Sunday at the theater, 127 E. Columbus Ave.

Leading the efforts of the pupils is artist Sam Bartlett of Indiana, who has created many of these “cranky story boards,” which get their name because the paper roll is cranked through the story board to create the show. 

“It’s kind of like making an analog movie,” he explained. “For our sharing Sunday, I’ve written music and a script to tell the story of the Holland Theatre that will go along with it.

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