Liberty Township Trustees vote to keep evergreen

The Liberty Township Trustees followed suit with the West Liberty Village Council in passing a motion to keep an evergreen tree at the intersection of Detroit and Columbus streets.


In recent weeks, several West Liberty residents spoke out against a plan to remove the tree as part of the Town Hall restoration project.

The Liberty Township Trustees are co-owners of the Town Hall property and were expected to vote on the matter at this week’s meeting, Fiscal Officer Chris Foust reports.

“Representatives of the Town Hall committee spoke of how the removal of the tree was envisioned as an enhancement to the property, but that plans have already been altered so that the tree could stay,” Mr. Foust wrote in proposed minutes from the meeting.

“Representatives of the ‘Save the Tree’ group spoke of the ‘heritage value’ the tree represents and that this group would work with the West Liberty Business Association in caring for the tree, including decorating it for the Christmas season.”

Trustee David Turner made a motion to keep the tree so long as the township was not responsible for its care and upkeep and Trustee Richard McDaniel seconded it.

Trustee Phil Brandt, also a member of the Town Hall Restoration Committee, “spoke in favor of the tree coming down specifying that the tree was too large for the space and that the species was ill suited for landscape purposes,” Mr. Foust wrote in the proposed minutes.

A voice vote was called and passed by a 2-1 majority.

West Liberty voted to keep the tree at council’s Sept. 14 meeting.