Dance Fuzion competes at Prime Time Dance Competition

Dance Fuzion Studio Team from Bellefontaine and Kenton recently competed at PrimeTime Dance Competition at Hilliard Davidson High School in Columbus.

Results are as follows: 

Solo Awards — Lili Mackesy, hip hop, gold, seventh overall; Josey Queen, jazz, gold, fifth overall; Abbey Bell, hip hop, high gold, second overall; Hannah Suman, jazz, high gold, fourth overall; Kama Arn, jazz, high gold, third overall; Aundrea Foulk, lyrical, high gold, second overall; Abi Temple, hip hop, gold, fourth overall; Macy Birchfield, jazz, high gold, third overall.

Group Awards — Character group, Aundrea Foulk, Kaley Scott, Katelynn Craig, Hannah Suman, Jasmine Gordon, Abi Temple, Dylan Harper, gold; tap group, Abi Temple, Kaley Scott, Jasmine Gordon, Hannah Suman, Rhiannon Risner, Dylan Harper, high gold, eighth overall; jazz group, Alayna Brunk, Ava Dolan, Jaylinn Foulk, Madison Oakes, high gold, fourth overall; contemporary group, Kylie Adams, Kama Arn, Katelynn Craig, Aundrea Foulk, Kaley Scott, Hannah Suman, gold; hip hop group, Lili Mackesy, Josey Queen, Kaley Scott, Abi Temple, Maddie West, high gold, third overall. 

Duet and Trio Awards — Jasmine Gordon and Hannah Suman, tap, gold, first overall; Jaylinn Foulk and Izzi Mackesy, open duet, high gold, second overall; Lili Mackesy and Josey Queen, hip hop, gold, ninth overall; Kylie Adams, Kama Arn, Aundrea Foulk, jazz, high gold, third overall. 

Special Awards — Abbey Bell, Senior Runner-Up Miss Primetime Breakthrough; Kama Arn, Teen Runner-Up Miss Primetime Breakthrough; Aundrea Foulk, Junior Runner-Up Miss Primetime Breakthrough.