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Health board proceeds with levy request; Rushsylvania property concerns neighbors

Logan County District Board of Health members voted unanimously at their Wednesday afternoon meeting for a resolution requesting the county commissioners to place an 0.8-mill operating levy on the November ballot. 

If approved by voters, the five-year issue would begin collection in January and would raise about $800,000 per year for agency programming. The cost to property owners is being calculated and will be discussed at upcoming sessions. 

At last month’s meeting, members indicated that the anticipated 2016 budget shows a lack of sufficient revenues to cover the three months’ worth of expenses that is required by law.

Since 2009, the Logan County Health District has been funded by inside millage following the failure of several levy attempts since 2007.

In recent years, the health district has received inside millage totals of $550,000 annually, as appropriated by the county budget commission. However, this amount of funding has not been able to keep pace with the ever-increasing expenses of the agency, and is less funding than was generated by the operating levy back in 2008.

“Following the loss of the levies, we have cut about one-third of our staff,” Health Commissioner Dr. Boyd Hoddinott said. “After so many years of receiving less funding, it is really catching up with us.”

Township trustees and village officials expressed interest in supporting this levy during the recent Logan County Health District Advisory Council meeting, Dr. Hoddinott said. The ballot issue would relieve the funding burden from the townships and municipalities, as those entities would no longer lose their designated inside millage funds to the LCHD.

“We had tremendous support that we’ve never had before from the township trustees,” the health commissioner said. “We feel like this is a good time to try for a levy.”

During environmental health matters, members discussed the Lewis Eric Snyder property, located at 5699 E. State Route 274, Rushsylvania, which essentially is a “mini dump” with large piles of solid waste behind the barn and waste in a hole full of water by a creek, officials reported. 

Mr. Snyder is currently incarcerated in the London Correctional Institute. Neighbors to the property attended the meeting to voice their concerns. Neighbor Doug Lyons said he is fearful of sending his grandchildren outside to play because of the animal harborage and other health hazards associated with the piles of trash.


Logan County District Board of Health members heard concerns from neighbors of this property at 5699 E. State Route 274, Rushsylvania, owned by Lewis Eric Snyder, who is currently incarcerated. (PHOTOS | LOGAN COUNTY HEALTH DISTRICT)

“This has been an on-going problem for about two years,” he said. “We recently spent about $1,600 on an exterminator because cockroaches came into my home from this property. 

“We appreciate any and all efforts to help with this.”

The board issued an order for any interested parties to attend the next meeting, 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 3, to show cause why the board should not abate this nuisance. 

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