Bicycle race to return to Zanesfield this weekend

An estimated 300 bicyclists are expected to be out on the roads of eastern Logan County this Sunday as the Columbus-based Team SixOneFour returns for its fourth annual Zanesfield Ohio Road Race.

The 14.6-mile route is patterned after a route designed for a 1980 Olympic qualifying event that featured renowned cyclist Greg LeMond in his lone attempt to participate in the Summer Games in Moscow. The U.S., however, boycotted the Olympic games that year and the three-time Tour de France winner never rode for a U.S. team.

Riders depart north from the Zanesfield ballpark on County Road 5.

The course features a challenging climb up Bristol Ridge in the first two miles as C.R. 5 ascends from an elevation of about 1,200 feet to its highest point of 1,502 feet near the intersection of C.R. 5 and State Route 540.


This map shows the route and elevation of Team SixOneFour’s 14.6-mile race Sunday in eastern Logan County.


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