Ben Logan graduate releases new small-town fiction series



CINCINNATI — Elizabeth Bemis, a 1991 Ben Logan graduate, is launching a six-book fiction series, beginning with her romance novel, Love & Oreos, which is now available through online national retailers in e-book and trade paperback formats. 

Love & Oreos takes place in the fictional town of Sudden Falls, Ohio, and follows the story of a public relations executive Katherine Mendoza, who meets fitness club owner Quinn Mitchell, just prior to her high school reunion.

The tale was initially inspired by Mrs. Bemis’ trepidation regarding her own 10-year Benjamin Logan High School reunion, as she relates in a press release. Her interest in writing began after her first short story was published in the fourth-grade in a Logan County elementary school collection of short stories. 

With this manuscript, the author placed as a finalist in the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart competition. In recent years, Mrs. Bemis has placed as a finalist six times in the competition and won the award in 2012. 


Mrs. Bemis is the owner and creative director of Cincinnati-based Bemis Productions, an advertising agency for small businesses and authors. Since its founding in 2002, it has helped guide the careers of hundreds of entrepreneurs and authors, experience that now is useful for her own publishing venture. 

“The work is the same: creating websites, designing online and print promotions, creating the perfect package,” she said in a release. “But it’s thrilling to have my own book as the focus of my efforts. It helps me understand the roller coaster of emotions that everyone from authors to entrepreneurs feel when they launch their own work.” 

As an offshoot of her work with Bemis Promotions, she is a vice president of the Eastern Hills (Cincinnati) Chapter of Business Networking and Referrals. 

The former area resident has worked in the marketing, design and technology fields for more than two decades. Additionally, she has implemented Ad Agency-led international marketing campaigns and managed application development for the U.S. Air Force.