Local county, city salt supply ample for remainder of winter

Despite a declining amount of salt in the local storage bins, Logan County has an ample supply of salt and other products available to keep the roads safe for the remainder of the winter, Logan County Engineer Scott Coleman said this week.


ABOVE: An employee of the Logan County Engineer’s Office drops off a load of salt and grit mix near the county’s main salt storage area Wednesday. FRONT PAGE PHOTO:  These tanks hold liquid deicer called Beet Heet made from an extract of the beet plant, that is helping the Logan County Engineer’s Office in its efforts to stay on top of icy road conditions this year. (EXAMINER PHOTO | REUBEN MEES)

“Being at the end of February and knowing we will probably have two or three events in March, I think what we have in stock should be enough to get us through the winter,” Mr. Coleman said.

Last summer, Logan County bought 1,400 tons at a cost of $67.12 per ton, which it used to fill its storage facilities to capacity at the Logan County Highway Garage and its outposts in Quincy, Lakeview and East Liberty.

“On an average year, that alone would be enough to get us through the winter,” the county engineer said, noting that this winter has been slightly snowier and colder than typical years, but not quite as severe as last year.


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