Local global celebration begins

Japanese group Hikaru offer weeklong residency, concluding with Friday concert

Hikaru 2

Members of Hikaru, from the left, Tomoko Takeda on the shinobue flute, vocalist Takemi Kakizaki, Hibiki Toen on the taiko drums, and Yamanaka Nobuto on the shamisen perform Tuesday morning for Benjamin Logan Elementary School pupils at Benjamin Logan High School. (EXAMINER PHOTO | MANDY LOEHR)

The Japanese musical  group Hikaru has traveled across the globe to perform in Logan County throughout this week to kick off the 2019-2021 Arts Midwest World Fest activities. 

Tuesday morning, their spirited and energetic performance of Japanese folk music on the traditional three-stringed shamisen, taiko drums and shinobue flute for Benjamin Logan Elementary School students was met by wideeyed audience members beaming with excitement and thunderous applause.

Hikaru’s leader Yamanaka Nobuto, one of Japan’s premier shamisen players, said such reactions from children transcend any language barrier, and make his occupation and opportunities to play music in venues around the world most rewarding.

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