Motorist charged with OVI

BellefontainePolice Patch

David A. Mendiata Jr., 24, of 428 E. Columbus Ave., was charged around 9 a.m. Saturday with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. He also was cited for having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle and failure to control.

Officers report he had driven a car over a parking barrier at Knowlton Library, 220 N. Main St., nearly hitting the building and blocking access to the employee entrance.

Mendiata was passed out behind the wheel of the car. He was roused out of the vehicle and officers detected a strong odor of alcohol. He also had blood shot eyes and poor motor skills.

He declined field sobriety tests and was taken to jail. There, he submitted a breathalyzer sample which was 0.10.

An open can of beer was in a cupholder in the car, officers reported.

Tires flattened

Maycie Maddox, 1072 Heritage Court, reported Sunday morning the four tires on her car were stabbed and flattened overnight.

Suspect found hiding in closet 

Officers were forced to enter 1114 Heritage Court on Sunday Gregory L. Vickers Jr., 27, of that address, refused to to turn himself in on probation violation.

A 12:54 a.m. dispatch sent officers to the residence in response to a fight.

Upon arrival, they found a woman outside crying but uninjured. She confirmed Vickers was inside.

He was found hiding in a bedroom closet covered in clothing.

Officers reported he was extremely intoxicated. He was lodged in jail.

• Richard T. Stover, 50, of East Liberty, was charged Monday with a probation violation.


Witnesses report illegal dumping


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