Kylie strong

Students rally around BIS classmate


Bellefontiane Intermediate School students hold a banner Friday evening during the Bellefontaine High School football game at AcuSport Stadium in honor of their classmate, Kylie Eaton, who is currently undergoing treatment for medulloblastoma. A fundraiser Friday night to help offset medical expenses raised over $800. (BEXAMINER PHOTO | TONY BARRETT)

Bellefontaine Intermediate School students and the rest of the Bellefontaine City Schools community are rallying around a BIS fifth-grader who is currently undergoing treatment for medulloblastoma. 

Kylie Eaton was diagnosed in June with the cancerous tumor that starts in the region of the brain at the base of the skull. Her classmates hosted a fundraiser Friday evening for her family to assist with her medical expenses, collecting donations during the Bellefontaine High School football game and receiving a total of $800.88.

“The entire school and community are thinking about Kylie, and wanted to do anything we can to help,” secretary Tammy Overholser said this morning.

“A group of students, headed up by student Karsyn Newkirk, joined together to collect the donations.”

A daughter of Bill Eaton and Joanna Eaton, the BIS fifth-grader recently finished up a round of radiation treatments in Cincinnati, and will be receiving chemotherapy in starting in several weeks in Columbus, school representatives said.

In addition to Friday’s fundraiser, the school also is selling T-shirts for $12 to benefit and support Kylie’s family. Forms to order to the T-shirts are available in the BIS office, or can be purchased online at .

T-shirts read “We are strong together” in honor of the BIS cheerleader and Children of God member at the school.