Text messages precipitate domestic dispute

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Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s charged an elderly man for domestic violence following an Aug. 6 incident involving his wife at their residence.

Robert Coffman, 83, Huntsville, allegedly held down his wife, Suzanne by pinning her against the couch near her chest and throat.

According to a sheriff’s report, the suspect began arguing with his spouse after seeing messages on her cell phone from “an old friend.”

The couple has a history of verbal altercations, and Mrs. Coffman told deputies he once pulled the plug from a telephone land line, disconnecting her from law enforcement dispatch.

She reported she did not believe her husband would physically harm her, and that she did not want him arrested.

He was transported to the Logan County Jail.

Driver charged with OVI, disorderly conduct

Michael R. Humble II, 38, of Urbana, was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and persistent disorderly conduct related to a traffic stop Tuesday evening.

Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office on patrol in the area of U.S. Route 33 near Huntsville shortly before 7 p.m. observed a speed violation with his vehicle and also a marked lanes violation and initiated the stop.

Deputies observed an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle, and Humble initially told deputies he had consumed “one drink,” but later said he had “several drinks.” He submitted to field sobriety tests and then was placed under arrest.

Humble was transported to the Logan County Jail, and upon arrival, deputies said he became agitated and wouldn’t follow corrections officers’ commands. He refused to submit to a chemical breath test and started cursing at deputies and corrections officers.

The defendant then became physically combative and had to be placed in the restraint chair.

He was also cited for a marked lanes violation and speed.

Man charged with theft

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