GOP picks Braig, Stewart and MacGillivary for governor’s consideration


It took three hours to interview four candidates and pick three recommendations for Gov. Mike DeWine to consider for the vacant Logan County Common Pleas Court judge.

judge candidate 3


Candidates, from left, Bradley Adams, Eric Stewart, Linda MacGillivray and Kevin Braig were interviewed Monday by the Logan County Republican Party Central Committee at the Logan County History Center. The four were seeking the GOP recommendation to fill an open Logan County Common Pleas judge seat. (PHOTO | JACK RESER)

Members of the Logan County Republican Party Central Committee are referring Kevin Braig of Huntsville, Logan County Prosecutor Eric Stewart of Bellefontaine and Linda MacGillivray of Bellefontaine to the governor’s office for further review and consideration.


DeWine will then pick a replacement for William T. Goslee who resigned July 15 citing health problems. His term as judge began Jan. 2, 2017, and will end Dec. 31, 2022, for whomever is appointed to fill the slot.