Woman lodged for OVI physical control, criminal trespass

LoCoSheriffStar Dodds

Dellzell Chenoweth, age unavailable, of Columbus, was charged with having physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and criminal trespass related to an incident Thursday in Lakeview. 

Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report of an assault at 12861 County Road 88, Lakeview. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with resident Brian Krouse. A female was behind the wheel of a car with its engine running and was later identified as Chenoweth.

While deputies spoke with Krouse, he provided video evidence of the interaction that took place prior to deputies’ arrival. It was found that the defendant arrived on the property uninvited and unannounced to confront Krouse about a business transaction. Krouse stated the work Chenoweth was referring to had been completed for more than six months. 

Krouse stated numerous times throughout the video for Chenoweth to remove herself from his property. His property was also posted as no trespassing and another sign stating there are no business interactions happening on the said property. 

When deputies approached the defendant, they observed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person. 

Dellzell admitted to consuming a beer prior to her arrival at the residence and she had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. She refused to submit to field sobriety testing. 

She was placed under arrest and was booked into the Logan County Jail.