UPDATE: Boil alert lifted for city

BoilAdvisory Lifted

Test results in the wake of Monday’s water main break in the 1200 block of south Detroit Street show Bellefontaine water service to the city’s south end is safe for consumption.

A boil advisory has been lifted, the city Utility Department reports.


A boil alert has been issued for neighborhoods and business districts east and south of the 1200 block of south Detroit Street, according to information provided to the Bellefontaine Police Department dispatchers.

That includes restaurants, apartment complexes, retail establishments and residences.

A water break was discovered around 5 a.m. Monday and crews had difficulty shutting off the 12-inch water main. Water was still flowing out of the break at 2 p.m. as crews were trying to shut down valves.

The 12-inch mains are the primary arteries for the city's water system and have interconnected in loops where possible.


Bellefontaine Water Department Superintendent Tim Newland reports this morning that he is trying to determine the extent of a water main break under the 1200 block of south Detroit Street.

Newland was trying to determine where water service was interrupted and where pressure merely was lower than normal.

Once he knows, then he will issue the appropriate boil alert.

He said the break could affect water pressure at the Logan County Fairground.