Doctor recognized for milestone procedure

Dr. Hassan Semaan


A local surgical practitioner recently surpassed a milestone for a specific kind of back surgery that helps patients stay off prescription pain medications.

Dr. Hassan Semaan is an interventional radiologist at Mary Rutan Hospital and Bellefontaine resident. Dr. Semaan recently performed his 500th balloon kyphoplasty procedure which relieves back pain for patients that suffer from vertebral compression fractures.

There are more than 700,000 VCFs diagnosed a year in the U.S. and are caused by osteoporosis or metastatic cancer.

This procedure also reduces the use of pain medication, physicians said.

Dr. Semaan uses X-Ray machines in the Cath Lab to introduce a needle into the fracture through a small incision. An orthopedic balloon catheter is then placed in the needle at the fracture sight and expanded to regain height back to the vertebral body.

After the balloon is deflated and removed, Dr. Semaan then uses liquified bone cement into the fractured vertebral body that creates an “internal cast.”

Once the bone cement is hardened, the instability of the fracture that caused the pain is gone and most of the patients leave the procedure room pain free and go home within hours.

It is extremely important for these patients, who are mostly geriatric and have osteoporosis, to get back to their day-to-day activities as there are mortality risks when these patients are not ambulated, medical professionals relate