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Majesty Quartet’s ‘Heroes and Hymns’ concert is May 3

Majesty Quartet



Majesty Quartet members, from the left, Ward McBrien, Shannon Reames, Jerry Noble and Tim Walls, perform with southern gospel pianist Roy Webb in May 2018 at Quest Community Church. (PHOTO | MAJESTY QUARTET)

Area residents who come away from this Easter weekend feeling refreshed and renewed while celebrating the joy of Christ’s resurrection can continue in that worship mindset with an approaching concert slated for Friday, May 3, featuring two top names in gospel music who join a talented local quartet to lend their harmonies to many sacred songs.


Majesty Quartet presents Heroes and Hymns at 6 p.m. at Quest Community Church, 110 South St., West Liberty, where they will be joined by Doug Anderson, and their producer and southern gospel pianist, Roy Webb.

While Anderson and Webb have performed in venues around the world, they have offered repeat concerts with Majesty Quartet, formerly Unto Him, at local churches and other sites, including a concert last May at Quest Community Church.

“It’s a fun night and we look forward to it every year,” Majesty Quartet vocalist Tim Walls said of his group, which also performs at locations around the region.

“Doug and Roy performed with us at Quest last year, and they said, ‘Let’s do it again.’ We all enjoyed the intimate venue, with the stage located close to the seats. We come in with a list of songs that we’ll sing with Doug and Roy, and we’ll also perform separately.”


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