Distracted driving dangers detailed

Approximately 10 percent of local crashes involve distracted driving in some form

distracted driving

Law enforcement agencies warn against the dangers of not just texting, but all forms of distracted driving as part of a National Distracted Driving Awareness Month campaign. (EXAMINER PHOTO | NATE SMITH)

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A reportedly distracted driver and another motorist were seriously injured Tuesday in a crash on U.S. Route 33 outside Marysville that may have been prevented had the at-fault motorist kept his whole focus where it belonged — on the roadway.

The driver left his lane of travel and struck another car in the adjacent lane before crossing a grass median and striking a third vehicle in a head-on collision that left both drivers seriously injured.

Details of the crash were reported in the April 10 Examiner.

That crash is just the most recent, real-world example of the potentially serious consequences to drivers operating a motor vehicle without giving their full attention to the task at-hand — driving.

Law enforcement agencies nationwide emphasize the perils of driving distracted throughout April as part of a National Distracted Driving Awareness Month campaign.

In 2018, a total of 51 people were killed and more than 6,800 injuries were reported in Ohio as a result of distracted driving-related crashes, according to information from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

“It’s not just cell phones and other electronic devices that can cause distraction on the road,” said Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Anspach. “Other passengers in the car, and children in the back seat, are also distractions that can be just as dangerous as texting while driving.”

Even letting the mind wander can be a form of distracted driving.

According to research from auto-club AAA, mental distractions can persist for as long as 27 seconds after drivers utilize voicebased technology to dial a phone, or change the radio the station.

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