Mental health funds available for WL-Salem school shooting incident

The Ohio Attorney General’s Crime Victim Service Unit has partnered with West Liberty-Salem Schools to provide cost assistance for those actively receiving or seeking mental health services related to the Jan. 20, 2017, shooting at the school.

The Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program helps victims with certain out-of-pocket expenses and WL-Salem students, families and faculty impacted by events of that day may be eligible for reimbursement through the program.

The program is funded by criminal fines and other grant funding, not tax dollars.

Reimbursement for medical and related expenses include victim counseling up to $50,000, family counseling of victim up to $2,500, material loss or damage, travel expenses and lost wages.

Those directly impacted by the events surrounding that day may apply for reimbursement for mental health services they are receiving or have received up to six years after the event.

The financial burden of mental health services often deters victims and their families from receiving the help they truly need, program facilitators contend. It is hoped that by offering a compensation program those who need treatment may acquire it.

Students, faculty and families interested in investigating reimbursement should file a claim with the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program. A claim form can be found at and at .