Dedication at work

BCI superintendent encourages deputies in their public service

LCSO award winners

LCSO award winners: Logan County Sheriff’s Office employees who were honored with special awards Saturday evening at the agency’s second annual recognition banquet included, from the left, seated: Deputy Carl Good, Deputy Coleton Piatt and Cpl. Kemberly Dalrymple; and standing: Deputy Timothy Klingelhofer, Deputy Adam Wood, Sgt. John Godwin, Sgt. Joseph Kopus and Deputy Paul Finfrock. (EXAMINER PHOTOS | MANDY LOEHR)

ALSO IN MONDAY'S EXAMINER: Former Westerville Police Department Chief Joseph A. Morbitzer, who was appointed last month as the new Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation superintendent, was the guest speaker.

Former Westerville Police Department Chief Joseph A. Morbitzer, who last month was appointed superintendent of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, spoke to Logan County Sheriff’s Office employees, their families and a number of other community members gathered Saturday evening at the LCSO’s annual recognition banquet about four remarkable law enforcement officers whom he will remember for the rest of his life.

The new BCI superintendent, who had served with the  Westerville Police Department since 1986, spoke about the difficult time his department had exactly a year ago Sunday when his two officers, Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering, were killed in the line of duty when responding to a 911 hang-up call.

Investigators said the officers were shot moments after arriving a the front door of the home

The speaker told attendees at banquet hosted by the Winner Harvest Barn, 7317 W. State Route 47, that the work ethic of Officers Morelli and Joering went well beyond the usual call of duty, and hearing stories about the dedicated and honorable officers helped his department to work through all of the heavy emotions that came along with their deaths.

“In the days after their passing, we heard some remarkable stories about them that we’d never known about before — they were humble public servants,” the former police chief said.

“We heard that Tony (Morelli) would stay after his extra duty shift at the library to make sure that all of the librarians got to their cars safely. We also learned that Eric (Joering), a K9 officer, would take his K9 into schools on his own time.”

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