County suggests state officials help with FEMA flood plain fight

State lawmakers and officials again touted the glorious asset that Indian Lake is to the area and Ohio, vowing Friday at the Indian Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon to do what they can to help the area.

FloodPlainFight JonCross

State Rep. Jon Cross, R-Kenton, speaks Friday at the Indian Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon. (PHOTO | INDIAN LAKE CHAMBER)

“We’re learning that quality of life is becoming the number one way to attract and keep people in Ohio,” State Rep. Jon Cross, R-Kenton, said. “Indian Lake is tremendous asset for this community and this area. It’s one of the reasons people choose to live and work here.

“We’re here to support you. We have your backs.”

He was one of 10 to address the gathering at The Lighthouse in Russells Point. Logan County Commissioner Joe Antram was the ninth to speak and he offered an invitation to the lawmakers and officials to help the county fight 2014 flood plain classifications issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The classifications put many properties in the flood plains for the first time, dramatically impacting the insurance costs for the owners.

The commissioners have paid for a more scientific study of the area, he said, and they have made some headway with FEMA. But the issue has not been resolved.

“We’re trying to wrap this up, but we could use some back up and help on this,” Antram said.

It could come in the form of monetary help or through official support of the county’s position, he said.

Chamber head Pam Miller noted it costs $700 to $1,000 to have property surveyed out of the flood plain.

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