County resident celebrates 108th birthday

Staying engaged and socializing with others, trying new activities at any age and a healthy dose of humor and a humble attitude might just be some of the keys to longevity, as staff at Campbell Place Senior Living say these traits characterize resident Lillian Huber Hoover, who marked her 108th birthday Thursday.

Lillian Hoover 108th bday


Mrs. Hoover, who was born Jan. 17, 1911, in Lewistown, remembers what it was like growing up using oil lamps for light and utilizing a wood-burning stove for heat, staff members said. Logan County’s oldest known resident was born the year Ohio native William Howard Taft was president of the United States, and other milestones in the U.S. history that year included the opening of the main branch of the New York Public Library, the first Indianapolis 500 auto race, with the winner recording 74.59 miles per hour, and Chevrolet officially entering the automobile market to compete with the Ford Model T.

Now 108 years later, Mrs. Hoover delights others at the 356 Kent Drive facility, which hosted a birthday party in her honor Thursday complete with an Italian dinner during the center’s monthly family night.

“Just the other day, she was making me laugh out loud when I was helping her out to lunch,” said Amy Good, Campbell Place community relations manager. “She really does have a great sense of humor.

“She is always busy socializing with residents at her table during meals times. She also makes sure to participate in all of the activities we offer on a daily basis, from arts and crafts to games and music. She’s willing and able to try new things. We really love her here.”

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