Hit/skip crash investigated near Muchinippi Church

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Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded about 4:15 p.m. Thursday to the area of 5881 County Road 21, Lewistown, in reference to a bumper from a vehicle that was found in the yard of the residence.

Deputies spoke with the property owner, who said he found the vehicle bumper from a Honda Accord with license plate number FHA-4738 near the Muchinippi Church.

He believed the bumper came from a hit-skip accident at State Route 274 and C.R. 21 at about 3:55 p.m., noting that there were skid marks in the intersection.

Deputies report the northbound car was traveling on C.R. 21 and ran the stop sign at S.R. 274, went into a skid through the intersection, and came to rest on a sidewalk by the church. The vehicle then left the scene.

The pastor of the church was notified by deputies. The registered owner of the license plate was identified as an Urbana resident, and information has been provided to Champaign County Sheriff’s Office deputies to contact the registered owner.

The crash remains under investigation.