Radon kit fee waived

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Area residents who want to take the important step of testing their homes for the presence of radon can pick up a free test kit at the Logan County Health District, 310 S. Main St., Bellefontaine, through the end of the month on a firstcome, first-served basis.

The typical fee for the radon kits is $8, but LCHD officials reported the current radon kits in stock at the agency will expire Feb. 1.

Logan County District Board of Health took action at their Wednesday afternoon meeting to waive the fee associated with the test kits.

Logan County Health Commissioner Dr. Boyd Hoddinott said winter is a good time to test for radon in homes because buildings are typically closed up in the cold conditions. He urged local residents to pick up a kit and perform the test, as there is a higher-thanaverage rate of radon in homes in Logan County, and radon is a carcinogen directly related to cancer.

Radon test kits are easy to use, health district officials said. Place the small, non-obtrusive test kit in the lowest living level of the home for three to seven days. Then, seal the kit and mail it to the certified laboratory for analysis. Confidential results are available online a few days later or can be mailed to the homeowner within approximately two weeks.

Radon results from the decay of uranium in nearly all soils.

Radon cannot be seen, smelled or tasted, making testing the only way to determine if it is existent.. Radon can leak into homes through cracks in foundations, openings around sump pumps and drains, construction joints and cracks in walls.

Radon can be removed through a variety of mitigation systems.