Suspect jailed for domestic violence


BellefontainePolice Patch

Matthew Mewhorter, 33, of 300 N. Detroit St., Apt. C. was charged with felony domestic violence following an incident that was reported about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at T.P. Lanes, 300 E. Lake Ave.

Bowling alley staff reported the suspect and Ashley Niebuer, 32, same address, had been “drinking heavily” throughout the evening, and later became extremely loud.

Mewhorter was reportedly observed pushing Niebuer to the ground multiple times. She was also reported to have vomited three times in the hallway near the north end of the building on their way out.

A Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy also responded after observing the female lying on the ground in the parking lot.

Officers were told the couple had been married at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, and were at the bowling alley, drinking and celebrating their recent marriage. The couple repeatedly denied any altercation took place.

Mewhorter also reportedly threatened violence.

He told officers he’d recently been to prison for eight years and was, “the real deal.”

He was lodged in Logan County Jail. Niebuer was released to a sober person.

Mewhorter has prior domestic violence charges from August of last year.

About 2 p.m. Wednesday, officers report Niebuer went to the police department, seeking to “drop” the domestic violence charge against Mewhorter, and said she did not want him to go to prison. A copy of the report has been forwarded to the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office.