Donors sought for Myeerah Nature Preserve improvement project

The Bellefontaine Joint Recreation District seeks donations from local private businesses and organizations to raise necessary matching funds in order to apply for a state of Ohio grant to improve the hiking and landscape viewing access at Camp Myeerah Nature Center.


Renderings of a proposed staircase and boardwalk access project at Camp Myeerah. (EXAMINER PHOTO | NATE SMITH)

Renderings of the new staircase and boardwalk access were shared Tuesday with parks board members in a regular meeting.

Total cost would be approximately $240,000 to build a new staircase and boardwalk area near the main lodge.

A majority of that cost would be paid for by Clean Ohio grant funding offered through the state of Ohio. However, a 25 percent local match that amounts to $60,000 for this project must be submitted with the joint recreation district’s application, which is due Jan. 25, according to discussion Tuesday.

The project would cover approximately a six-story gradual decline into Camp Myeerahtrails. Parks Superintendent Kris Myers said the new stairwell would feature three points along the walk for scenic viewing.

The new staircase and boardwalks access would be an attraction that would draw more visitors, and open the trail up to more individuals who previously may not have been able to navigate the more treacherous climb.

Myers said he has some potential donors in mind and will be actively soliciting for contributions ahead of the grant deadline.

“We’re going to talk about this project in terms of an opportunity to get more people into nature,” he said.

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