Being Reasonable - Occupy Wall Street: A view from the bottom 1 percent


I feel like absolute garbage. My muscles ache, my back is tight and I feel so fatigued that I actually had to stop for a rest on Thursday during what has become a habitual noontime trip to the restroom in McDonald’s on Broadway in lower Manhattan.

  • Written by NATE SMITH

BEING REASONABLE: Occupy Wall Street protests amount to controlled chaos


NEW YORK — As the sun slowly rose on the 29th day of the Occupy Wall Street protests, all was quiet in Zuccotti Park — save for a few unstable or otherwise inebriated souls bemoaning, among other things, the existence of the Federal Reserve, perceived economic injustice and the continued prohibition of marijuana.

Rain drops dotted the landscape here early Monday. Most people sought refuge inside their sleeping bags, or beneath makeshift forts made from tarps and a healthy amount of duct tape.

A few benevolent souls cleaned up trash, following through on a recent commitment to keep the park as clean as possible.

And still others sat silently, taking in the totality of a movement now more than a month old.

  • Written by NATE SMITH

Country’s response to terrorist attacks is tragic


It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since that chaotic Tuesday morning when the security blanket we once huddled collectively beneath was briskly jerked away.

As the anniversary approached earlier this year, I had hoped it would pass quietly. But as advance media coverage began to ramp up, that clearly wasn’t going to be the case.

For me, as with many Americans, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, have always been a difficult date to try to come to terms with.

When they first occurred, I had mixed emotions.

The senseless loss of life involved, of course, is deplorable and saddening. But, at the same time, I believed, as I still do to some degree, that the United States deserved it.

It was a wake-up call that our government’s international policies were not working.

  • Written by REUBEN MEES

Of first and future fairs


A recent source of joy for me is being able to witness the important first experiences in the life of my 11-month-old son, Parker.