Just Saying: Passing on and passing time


It doesn’t seem possible 2011 is coming to an end. Wasn’t it just last year we all were concerned about Y2000 and coming up with Plan B for when all things electronic crashed and burned as the digits flipped from 1999 to 2000?

  • Written by MIRIAM BAIER

Just Saying

I wish every day could be like Christmas

  • Written by MIRIAM BAIER



College football at its finest

Noon Saturday was Christmas central in the little town of Bellefontaine. I was already geared up to take photos of Santa’s official arrival in town and the Orr Mansion open house, but I also had something else on my mind.

Beneath my fluffy winter coat was hidden one of my favorite T-shirts — a yellow one with the Southern Miss Golden Eagles logo on it. The DVR was set to record the game that began at the same hour.

No one in Bellefontaine even knew or much less cared about that game, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the university I used to cover as a reporter in Hattiesburg, Miss.

  • Written by REUBEN MEES

Off the cuff: Be responsible when posting material online

Ms. Sandra Ward,

As a resident of Bellefontaine, I would not presume to dispense an opinion on Quincy’s levy and council issues mentioned in your forum letter published in the Nov. 19 edition of the Examiner. However, there is an area of your letter which impacts our entire community and is a cause for real concern.

It appears your motivation to write to the forum was influenced in part by comments posted on the Web site Topix.com. If that is the case, I hope the writing of your letter has allowed you to move forward without losing another moment’s peace.

Even if every comment posted on Topix and other social media sites like it represented 100 percent complete and verifiable facts — which many certainly do not — the sites themselves have a dangerous flaw by design; they allow users to withhold their identities by hiding behind fake screen names.

  • Written by T.J. Hubbard Examiner Asst. GM
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