Christmas memories and breakfast casserole

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It’s been three years ago this month since my grandmother passed away and, though I miss her often, the feeling is never as intense as it is this time of year.

  • Written by NATE SMITH

Candid, open discussion yields positive agreement

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Federal politicians inside the Washington, D.C., bubble sure could stand to learn a lot from a group of local elected officials committed to doing right by their constituents.

Punch and iced sugar cookies notwithstanding, the Nov. 27 joint meeting between Quincy and DeGraff village councils was fierce and, at times, a bit confrontational as both groups sought to get their way in an ongoing difference of opinion over how best to pay the incoming operator at the wastewater treatment plant.

  • Written by NATE SMITH

Too tired to tread water anymore


It’s been four years since Barack Obama promised America “hope and change” and his ultimate election seemed, at least to me, like a potential positive sign for America.

As I wrote at the time, I was swept out to sea by a beautiful wave that seemed to be washing magically up on our golden shores.

But once the waters calmed, I found myself stranded out in the middle of nowhere just trying to keep my head from sinking beneath the surface.

As I have treaded that water, our national debt has climbed at a preposterous rate; our right to freedom of intrusion by the government and its spies has only grown darker; we are being forced to buy into an insurance scheme because politicians lack any ability to think of creative ways to provide health care to Americans; and despite promising to stop enforcing federal controlled substance laws in states with medical marijuana laws, DEA crackdowns are more prevalent than ever.

  • Written by REUBEN MEES

Leave politics out of judge race


In the true spirit of judicial elections, I say let’s make this November’s election of a new judge a completely nonpartisan race.

To recap the facts, Logan County Family Court Judge C. Douglas Chamberlain has announced his retirement effective Tuesday.

Credit to Judge Chamberlain for making his decision to enter his retirement in a manner timely enough to expediently decide who his replacement will be.

But when we examine the tight timeline ahead of the election, the need for a nonpartisan race is clear.

First, any apt lawyer who wishes to fill the seat can file as an independent by the end of the business day Aug. 10. The local Democrat and Republican parties, however, have until the end of the day Aug. 13 to decide who they want to put a rubber stamp on.


Keep the door open when discussing public business


Response from public officials in the aftermath of the severe thunder- and windstorm that ravaged much of Logan County and caused catastrophic damage to the historic courthouse has been admirable.

Late Friday afternoon, straight-line winds in excess of 80 mph ripped a 10-by-10 foot hole in the roof of the courthouse and caused so much structural damage that a forensic structural analyst determined the clock tower risks total collapse.

Combating damage elsewhere, employees with the Logan County Engineer’s Office worked Friday evening well into Saturday to clear downed trees and debris from the road, but still found time to compact about 60 tons of limestone on the courthouse lawn into a ramp so that a bucket truck could patch the hole in the roof.

  • Written by NATE SMITH