Keep domestic violence victims in the forefront in October and otherwise

Everybody is aware that the month of October has been slated for “breast cancer awareness” month, but what many do not know is that it is also “domestic violence awareness” month. Domestic violence is also an epidemic that is gripping our world and seemingly not letting go. Thankfully, unlike breast cancer, domestic violence can be cured. The more we get our message out and just simply be aware and involved the better chance we have of getting that done.

There are many different forms of domestic violence, including physical, mental, emotional, financial and sexual. If you or someone you know is being abused in any way, there is help out there for you and you are not alone. New Directions of C.C.I. is the place to go for that. There you will meet Cheryl Garland-Briggs and Debbie Brownlee. Cheryl keeps the wheels turning with her ability to help you do anything from file for a CPO to give you legal advice and offer critical support groups. Debbie offers counseling to victims and their families. She also offers support groups and more intense group therapy sessions. Together this dynamic duo works hard everyday to get their message out and to try and help all victims.

Through their hard work and many others, the Domestic Violence Coalition was formed and meets on the second Thursday of every month. There is also a small support group for victims that meet every Thursday from noon to 2 p.m. at the office.

As the holidays approach, let us not forget the victims of domestic violence and any children they may have. Many times “getting out” means leaving with the clothes on your back and nothing else. There is no time to grab personal items, clothes, not even a blanket or a jacket. Because of this, New Directions is always accepting donations. The following items are always helpful: baby diapers, baby clothes, formula, food, personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, antiperspirant, washcloths, feminine products, blankets and jackets. School bags and school supplies are always needed also.

If you would like to help in any way by donating money, items or your time and spirit, please call Cheryl at 593-5777.

We are honored to share this month with such a worthy cause, so let’s come together as the “strong community” that we are, and give breast cancer and domestic violence the fight of their lives.

December Miller


Domestic Violence survivor & volunteer