The kindness of friends, strangers

The families of Christy Knotts and Ranae Donohoe express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all those who have given to make the Christy Knotts/Ranae Donohoe Memorial Scholarship what it is today.

While losing Christy and Ranae has been the hardest contingency to endure, keeping their memories alive has become our being. Our one ray of sunshine is the outpouring of support and generosity from so many. Our intention is not to focus on sadness, but to highlight the actions that have followed over the years and those who continue to support each of us.

The scholarship committee, consisting of Christy and Ranae’s closest friends, has been the heart of their memorial. Without Christi Moore, Stephanie Overfield, Matt Harper, Jason Malone, Justin Mohler, Michael Phelps, John Millice, Chris and Denelle Instine and Ryan and Brandi Moore, the Poker Run and Golf Outing would not be possible. Because of their dedication and love for Christy and Ranae, the scholarship has surpassed our goals and is now reaching students all over the county. “A faithful friend is a strong defense and he that hath found such one hath found a treasure.” Ecclesiastes 6:14.

Tony and Mindy Groves and the staff at the Woodstock Inn and Kyle Long and the staff at Woodland Golf Club are also commended for their hard work in ensuring the success of both of this year’s fundraising events.

Finally, all who attended and participated in the aforementioned events and the faithful sponsors are deserving of recognition. If it were not for you, our extended families, great friends and loyal community, the scholarship would not have reached its present capacity. Your participation is making a huge difference in our hearts and the lives of Champaign County High School students.

“May the Lord reward your kindness.” Ruth 1:8


The family of Christy M. Knotts: Jerry Knotts, Cindy Knotts, Jenny Knotts & Jared Knotts.

The family of L. Ranae Donohoe: Jim & Marian Donohoe; Rex & Jami Donohoe, Daulton, Luke & Trace; Michael & Tonya (Donohoe) McGuire, Oliver, Avery & Essie.