A partial solution to gas prices

Reuben Mees“I’m tired of driving; it must be time that I walk about …” 

The Beastie Boys wrote those lyrics in a song produced in 1993 — long before gasoline hit $4 a gallon.

I’ve been walking a lot these days (not entirely by choice) and it has been an enlightening experience, especially as I listen to people complain about the price of gas or watch them wince as they start filling up their tanks.


I did a little math the other day and determined that a driver of a vehicle that gets about 20 miles per gallon in town would pay 50 cents to make a two and a half mile trip — about the distance from the center of Bellefontaine to the edges of town. That’s a full buck round trip.

Now you might see why on some days I walk three or four miles in various trips about the general area of downtown.

As a matter of fact, I timed myself on the walk from downtown to Mary Rutan Park — about 12 minutes. Probably would have taken at least five to seven minutes in the car, maneuvering around one way streets, stopping at red lights and stop signs, finding a place to park and so forth.

The problem is I will start driving again, I just have to remember to be more cautious about it.

Instead of driving to work every day as I used to do, I will now be walking the five blocks (6 minutes), especially on the days I don’t need my car unless there is breaking news or I have an event to attend outside downtown.

That means Lt. Andy Smith of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office can continue to expect the Tuesday through Friday calls to get the daily reports instead of me paying the $1 fee to drive there every day.

Maybe if more people start driving less and we start finding better alternative energy sources, we will find the price of gas could start coming back down again.

We also might find a few inches on our waist lines dropping as well.

Reuben Mees is a staff writer for the Examiner. He can be reached at 592-3060, ext. 118 or via e-mail at rmees@examiner.org.