‘Idol’ caught me by surprise

Doug LoehrI just happen to be, thanks to my wife, a huge American Idol fan. That’s because three years ago she made an offhanded remark that we don’t do anything together anymore, including what we watch on TV. So I, being the sensitive and loving husband that I am, caved to her wishes and began watching Idol.

At times it somewhat embarrasses me, especially when I am conversing with my rock and roll band buddies, when I mention Idol around them. I always get this ... look ... like, well, let’s just say they give me this “look.”

The judges — Randy, Paula, and Simon — I find are very unnecessary and somewhat peculiar. Randy, being the real musician usually gets the performer’s assessment right, but Paula’s comments, even though she’s a pop singer, makes her seem like she’s phoning in from another planet after watching something other than what’s being performed in front of her. I cannot figure her out at all. But Simon on the other hand, as he would say, is “spot on” nearly every time. To me, his assessments truly take the words right out of my mouth.

However, I honestly don’t believe that one word any of the judges say affects the outcome of the weekly voting. Bad is bad, and good is good, and there is nothing else that can change that.

That’s why I don’t vote each week as I feel that’s the responsibility for all of you other people. Me, I just watch the results on Wednesday nights after Tuesday’s competition. For the most part, America, you’ve gotten it almost right.

I say almost because I disagreed with last week’s results when Syesha Mercado was sent home in third place. Maybe the quality of her performances weren’t as good as David Archuleta and David Cook last week, but overall I think she will be the most likely to succeed once the dust settles and the winner is crowned.

 I was also upset when Brooke White was sent home, even though I knew she could never compete with those who finished ahead of her. Additionally, Brooke’s voice has a unique touch of soul to it that makes her so much different than anyone else in the competition, and two “false start” mistakes weren’t enough to send her home before she finished in fourth place.

Wednesday, one of the two Davids will walk away with a recording contract.

Winning this contest will be nice, but being handed a recording contract knowing that for one year you are at the artistic mercy of the giver of said contract does not appeal to me at all. And history has shown, at least since I’ve been watching Idol, that those who finish below first place seem to have better and more successful careers only because they’ve had the luxury of choosing or refusing deals from record companies.

I predict that David Cook will win this year, and that’s only because David Archuleta is so young and just doesn’t seem to have the musical versatility that Cook possesses. Cook has proven he can sing anything and has the creativity to make any song his own.

But I could be wrong if about 50 million junior and senior high school teenagers flood the phone lines to cast their votes for “Archie.”

We’ll see.